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Broken Embraces


February 4th    at 7.45 pm



Pedro Almodovar                  Spain 2009                  Certificate 15

Broken Embraces
Blind writer Harry Caine (Lluís Homar) used to be sighted filmmaker Mateo Blanco until a car smash robbed him of sight and girlfriend Lena (Penélope Cruz). Diego (Tamar Novas), the son of his agent, helps Harry work, prompting him to think over the past and revisit some of its mysteries.

This doesn't begin to encompass even half of the twists and turns in Almodóvar's labyrinthine story, which seems to plough into major emotional signposts - Betrayal! Grief! Revenge! - like a drunk driver nailing traffic cones. It's meaty, heady stuff, which, constantly probing the duality of filmmaking and behind-the-scenes shooting, turns into less a hall of mirrors than one giant mirror-ball, dazzling, reflecting and fragmenting Almodóvar's usual flamboyant predilections

Almodóvar through the looking glass: smart, sexy, solipsistic and yet still effortlessly enjoyable.

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