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The Ghost

January 14th  at 7.45 pm




Roman Polanski                  UK 2010                          Certificate 15

The Ghost
Agreeing on a moment’s notice to fix the memoirs of former Prime Minister Adam Lang (Brosnan), a ghost writer (McGregor) discovers his predecessor was murdered having unearthed one secret too many...

Political commentators unable, or unwilling, to appreciate the film on its own aesthetic terms have preferred to ignore its masterly orchestration of slow-burning suspense and cumulative tension, preferring instead to see the film (and the book) as political journalist Harris's settling of scores with his old friend and colleague, Tony Blair. What this ignores is that, at the time that the novel was published, what now seems like insider knowledge or clairvoyance was merely fictional speculation. Far more interesting than this idle tittle-tattle is the evidence of a master film-maker operating at the peak of his powers, fashioning a seamless cinematic entertainment from Harris's pot-boiler of a novel without ever taking any of its potentially incendiary political themes too seriously.

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