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Looking for Eric

UK 2009                                Directed by Ken Loach                                                                Certificate 15
We are totally delighted to announce a major coup for Shipham Community Cinema - the director of  "Looking for Eric", Ken Loach, has kindly agreed to come along to the screening - how exciting is that!  
He will take part in a question and answer session and then introduce the film for us.   Just looking at his list of achievements over his career - "Cathy Come Home", "Kes", "Hidden Agenda" and "Raining Stones", (both Special Jury prizewinners at Cannes Film Festival), "The Wind that shakes the Barley" being just a few - and his worldwide reputation for being a filmmaker of conscience and integrity, makes us realise how lucky we are that he is making this visit to us.

The film we have chosen to show is not a comedy exactly, but is Ken Loach's lightest, happiest film for some time.  The addition of Eric Cantona playing lui-meme, brings a wonderful surreal touch.   He always has a mischievous twinkle and a cheeky touch of self-satire.   Plus, there's always his trumpet playing!

This is an absolutely unique opportunity to meet a world-class director;  we're so excited!

There will be a change in performance time as Ken Loach is coming from Wardour Street, London.   We hope that he will be here to start the session at 7 o'clock.  The film will commence at 8 o'clock.   Doors will be open at 6.30. TImes may be subject to slight change.  Refreshments will be available as usual.  

We are printing tickets for this event as we expect this to be a popular evening.   Members - who only pay £2 - will have priority, but there will be tickets available for general sale at £4.   For tickets or further details, contact me at 01934 842845.or email us on cinema@shiphamhall.co.uk
More about Looking for Eric
Postman Eric Bishop (Evets) unravels when circumstances force him to make contact with the wife (Bishop) he left 30 years before. He takes solace in the unexpected form of legendary footballer Eric Cantona, who mysteriously appears to offer advice...

"Play It Again, Eric... Ken Loach perfectly captures the feeling of football and the need for hope. Touching and hilarious — a blinder."   Empire Films.

Heartwarming stuff - even for non football fans