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POP UPS - next one 6th June

POP UP showings wil be put on at short notice as and when we can - on topical films, latest releases or world cinema must sees!   £2 for members and £4 for non members.

On Friday 6th June we will be showing "The Longest Day"  (Cert PG), the legendary producer Darryl F Zanuck's heartfelt recreation of the D-Day l
andings with an all star cast.   It tells the story of the D-Day invasion from the amalgamated view of soldiers given five different areas to invade. 
Doors open at 7.15 and show kicks off at 7.45 pm

On Friday 28th March we will be showing The Selfish Giant (Cert 15) described as a towering triumph by the critics - this terrific human drama tells the story of two boys about to be consigned to the scrapheap with standout performances from its two young leads.   The influence of Ken Loach’s Kes hangs heavily over this modern folk tale, not just in its themes of social injustice but in its seamless blending of professional and non-professional actors. Director Clio Barnard’s 2010 verbatim drama The Arbor used actors lip-synching to audio tapes to tell the story of working-class author Andrea Dunbar, who died of a brain haemorrhage aged just 29. That alone should tell you that The Selfish Giant is not going to go the Danny Boyle/Millions route, but what’s remarkable about the follow-up is that though it does, like Kes, tick most of the boxes of post-War realist cinema, it also has some of the rebellious romanticism of the French New Wave.

Doors open at 7.15 and show kicks off at 7.45 pm

Our next
pop up is on Friday February 28th 2014 when we are showing the Italian film La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty)  Cert 15.   Nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film of the year for this year's Oscars, Paolo Sorrentino's latest is a Fellini-like feast for the eyes.

Our first pop up for 2014 was  "Behind the Candelabra",  the latest from Steven Soderbergh - his biopic of the king of kitsch Liberace featuring Matt Damon and Micheal Douglas like you have never seen them before.    Showing on January 24th 
Last season we  showed  the Ken Loach documentary "The Spirit of '45"  and our Christmas family special Nativity