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The Angels' Share - March 8th at 7.45

Ken Loach                UK 2012            Certificate 18

While doing community service, Glaswegian young offender Robbie (Paul Brannigan) is mentored by a whisky-loving social worker (John Henshaw) and discovers he has a nose for fine malts. Worried that he is trapped in a cycle of poverty and violence, Robbie sees a way to make a fortune with a whisky-related crime.

The Angels' Share
Though known for social realism and political anger, throughout his career Ken Loach has occasionally shown a whimsical, Ealing comedy streak. This is a film of two halves, with a slightly wonky join in the middle, representing both aspects of Loach’s cinema. The change of tack leaves some of its threads up in the air and asks audiences to bear with a protagonist who is set up as a conflicted, desperate-to-change NED and never quite becomes likable enough to carry off a comedy caper. 

Trapped by his short-fuse temper and unable to get away from a life of random hooliganism and street feuds, Paul Brannigan’s Robbie seethes through excruciating, believable early scenes. A court-ordered encounter with a half-blind former victim and his still-angry family is horribly credible, as is a talking-to from the grandfather of his child who predicts that even if Robbie wants to change, he won’t be allowed to by his enemies and friends alike and should just get out of the city before it’s too late. This material is so strong that it’s disorienting when the issues raised are set aside so the film can get on with breezier, funnier business as Robbie and an ill-assorted crew of fellow community service offenders set out to heist a fabulously valuable cask of aged malt whisky and set themselves up for life.

Ken Loach agreed to change the final cut of The Angels' Share in order to obtain a 15 certificate.  This involved cutting 6  minutes of dialogue that involved some robust swearing.  

The majority of those who responded to our query on which version to show of this movie asked for the original version rated Cert 18.  If you would prefer to see the Cert 15 version we do have a DVD which is free to loan to members.   Contact us by email cinema@shiphamhall.co.uk  or ask one of the committee for more details.