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1st May 2021
We hope to reopen on June 11th 2021 to show the film Misbehaviour. Tickets will need to be reserved or purchased in advance with the number of people in their bubble identified so we can keep a register. Face masks will be needed according to our current understanding of the rules except when consuming refreshments. We will announce when tickets are available for pre-purchase, which can be done via email, with payment on the night.  We will again be unable to offer change but contactless card payments will again be possible.  Please bring your own glass to use for refreshments.  Ice creams should also be available assuming we can replenish supplies.

27th December 2020

Top Ten films for January 2021

Sadly we will not be able to show any films just yet due to the restrictions of Tier 3 but you can borrow films from our library.   Some of our members have told us they would love to borrow a film but don’t know where to start so the Committee have put their heads together and come up with a list of their favourites for some inspiration.    Don’t forget to double check which need a  Blu Ray  (BD) player and which are DVDS which can be played on both.

Let’s start with a classic film that is one of Jane’s favourites:

Some Like it Hot, 1959 (b/w), Billy Wilder   (DVD)

“I don’t remember when I first saw this film but I have watched it on countless occasions since and every time it makes me laugh, smile and admire its sheer joy.  I love this film so much that I insisted it was one of the first classics we showed when we started Shipham Community Cinema.

The casting of Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe is inspired - one of the most handsome stars of the day, one of the best screen comedians with brilliant timing and the exquisitely beautiful Marilyn Monroe - they are all amazing.  It’s a farce that’s played wonderfully, full of set pieces that are now legend e.g the tango with the rose in the teeth, and to my mind it has the best final dialogue of a film ever.  Maybe it tells us to be more tolerant of those around you?  As Peter Bradshaw says, the last words may be “Nobody’s perfect” but this film pretty much is!”


One for those of you who like subtitles chosen by Angela:

The Secret In Their Eyes / El Secreto De Sus Ojos (2009), Juan José Campanella (BD) Subtitles

“This fabulous crime drama is an Argentinian/Spanish production, and won an Oscar for ‘The Best Foreign Film’ in 2010.   The film is essentially a murder mystery, but it is so much more.  It is a beautiful love story, it is about enduring friendship, and a very long-lived wish for revenge.  Set over 25 years, during some of the most disturbing political upheavals in Argentina, this film has an excellent script, brilliant acting and has surely, one of the best endings ever!  You could not have predicted the twist at the end!  Totally stunning.  A fabulous film.”


Norma recommends a film for all the family:

Sing (2016), Garth Jennings (BD)

Before a couple of years ago, if anyone had asked me for my favourite film, I would have haughtily replied “Why, Death in Venice of course!”  But, ask me now, and I will say Sing is my main recommendation, with the wonderful and resilient Rosita (she is actually a pig) as one of the wonderful characters.  And there’s not a lagoon in sight!


If you missed our September film in 2020, it is a gem:

The Peanut Butter Falcon, (2019), Tyler Nielsen and Michael Schwartz  (BD)

A modern Mark Twain adventure telling the story of Zac, a young man with Downs syndrome, who runs away to follow his dream of attending the wrestling school of his idol.   Strange events pair him on the road with Tyler, a small time outlaw on the run, and their trip includes drinking whisky, eluding capture and finding God.   A feel good adventure brought to life by outstanding performances, it finds rich modern resonance in classic American fiction.


One we missed to show  but well worth a view – especially for those environmentalists!

Leave No Trace, 2018, Debra Granik (BD)

 A tale of a father and daughter living off grid in the forests of the Pacific, north west of the US – this low key drama about cultural and generational divides is alternately gripping and melancholic, but always shot through with the ring of truth.   The result is a work of overwhelming, understated power that quite simply takes your breath away.    Recommended on the basis of a recent viewing by Sally!


Back to the classics for Keith’s nomination

High Noon, 1952 (b/w), Fred Zinnemann  (DVD)

Gary Cooper is excellent.  I heard the theme music as a boy and even then thought it was brilliant.  The script was written by Carl Foreman and by the time the shooting began, he had to leave the country because of the House of Un-American Activities Committee.  All of which led to the interpretation of the film that “when the chips are down, your friends don’t want to know you.”


One of Andrew’s favourite films from the Coen Brothers – with the added bonus of great music (and George Clooney says Sally)

O Brother Where Art Thou? 2000, Joel and Ethan Coen (DVD)

Loosely based on Homer’s Odyssey, the movie deals with the picaresque adventures of three escaped convicts.   They find themselves fast talking their way out of one jam after another, and along the way not only have to be wary of riverside sirens but even get to make a pretty good country record. 


If you enjoyed Moonlight, this topical film based on a novel by James Baldwin is a winner and was scheduled for earlier this year.

If Beale Street Could Talk, 2018, Barry Jenkins (BD)

African American teen sweethearts Fonny and Tish are ripped apart when he is wrongly arrested by a racist cop for the rape of a Puerto Rican woman.   While seeking justice for him, pregnant Tish relies heavily on her Harlem community which includes her sister, mother and future mother in law.

Another winner from the Moonlight director, Barry Jenkins, including a winning nomination for Best Supporting Actress as well as nominations for the Baftas. “a rhapsody of heroism in a world gone bad”

Another one from our world film library, winner of the Palme D’Or in 2016

Dheepan, 2015, Jacques Audiard (BD)  Subtitles

A trio of Tamil refugees pretend to be a family as they try to make better lives for themselves in a Parisian housing project.   A painful yet rewarding tale of social strife and uplifting resilience directed by Jacques Audiard, bulging with giant confidence and packed with outbursts of epiphanic grandeur, like moments of sunlight breaking through cloud cover.   The film moves with absolute assurance from Sri Lanka to a tough French housing estate.


And finally one of our most popular films from our 2016/17 season:

Love and Friendship, 2016, Walt Stillman (BD)

Based on the novella by Jane Austen, Lady Susan Vernon takes up temporary residence at her in-laws estate and while there, is determined to be a matchmaker for her daughter Frederica,  and herself too naturally!   Kate Beckinsale sparkles as Lady Susan and is well supported by Chloe Sevigny and other British luminaries such as Stephen Fry and Jemma Redgrave.   Who knew Austen could be so funny!


All the films and more are available from our film library  - see the website for how to borrow.  If you have any recommendations we would love to hear from you.



7th December 2020

Taking into account our proximity to Tier 3 and everyone's focus on ensuring a safe Christmas, after much deliberation the Committee have decided not to hold a showing of Yesterday in December as originally scheduled.   We have moved the film to February but still hope to go ahead with the January showing of Misbehaviour subject to a review in early January to assess the situation.

We will keep you updated and wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and hope to be back in force in 2021.

Thank you for your understanding.   Dont forget our film library (details on the website) if you are looking for some Xmas viewing on Blu Ray.

5th November 2020

Sadly, the latest lockdown means we are unable to screen Knives Out on 13th November.  If the village hall is allowed to reopen in early December we plan to screen Yesterday on 11th December.  The film we have lined up for 8th January 2021 is Misbehaviour.  Please keep watching this space for further announcements.

10th September 2020

Our cinema will reopen on Friday 25th September with a screening of The Peanut Butter Falcon, the film we planned to screen on 27th March. Doors open at 7.15pm, the show starts at 7.45pm.

The response received from our emailed survey indicates that many of you are happy to resume attending our screenings. The latest advice below includes changes as a result of our village hall taking all the required measures to achieve Covid-19 Secure status and with the latest guidance released on 10th September.

If you have any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 prior to the show PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND. The guidelines on social distancing are changing frequently so please refer to the latest officially announced restrictions. The following is our understanding of the restrictions currently in place for our village hall which has 'Covid-19 secure' status.

  • Attendees may sit together with a maximum of 6 people in each group.

  • We will be asking attendees to indicate in advance their intention to attend, the number of people in their bubble and names/contact telephone numbers so that tables and chairs can be arranged accordingly. Group bookings will be told which seats to occupy. 

  • So that we can arrange the seating tickets must be purchased in advance.  Tickets are on sale on Saturday 12th and 19th September at Lenny's in The Square from 10am to 12pm.  Email to if you are unable to buy on the 12th/19th, we will make alternative arrangements.

  • Please use the hand sanitisers when entering the village hall.

  • Seats/groups of seats will be separated by 1.5 metres. Please do not move them to the extent that the social distancing requirement is breached.

                    Hall layout for socially distanced cinema viewings

  • Face coverings must be worn throughout your attendance except when consuming refreshments.

  • Please have the correct money for your ticket or bring a valid bank card (as we now have the facility to accept contactless payments). No change can be given for cash sales. Cheques can be accepted.

  • Some refreshments will be available including bottled/canned drinks and wine. Please bring your own glass or use the disposable paper cups that we will have available. There will be no draught beer or hot drinks available but ice creams will be on sale. We will serve you at your table.

    Toilets will also be open for use. Males will use the disabled toilet in the main facilities, females will use those in the Star Room.  We appreciate that our screenings are a social event but we must ask you to be careful when conversing with your fellow attendees.  Please maintain social distancing at all times.

  • When leaving please use the main exit but maintain social distancing while doing so.
If you experience any of the symptoms of Covid-19 after the show within a period of 21 days, please inform us immediately and arrange to have a Covid-19 test as soon as you can and let us know the result.

Membership update

Current membership subscriptions will be carried over until the end of December 2020. 

Next year’s renewing membership fee up to the end of June 2021 will be at a reduced rate of £5

New members from September 2020 will pay the full £10 for the season that ends in June 2021.

Your committee and the village hall management committee have worked hard to get us to the point where meetings are able to recommence so we ask all our attendees to respect the current rules.

4th June 2020

Exciting news from Cinema For All SW:

The Cheltenham International Film Festival Online has now published its programme and will start streaming its amazing selection of 35 new and as-yet-unseen-in-the-UK movies on Monday 8th June.

If you would like to take advantage of a 20% discount deal on ticket prices please visit the CfA South West Group's website where you can click through to the festival's homepage to use the special discount code against purchase of tickets.

Every ticket you buy also benefits the South West Group, as CIFF will pay us 10% of every ticket purchase resulting from referral from our site.

Where's the catch? Nowhere!  You see great new films before anyone else in the UK, you get money off, and the group also benefits.  It's a Win, Win, WIN situation!

Here is the CIFF announcement:

Cheltenham International Film Festival invites you to

participate in its Online Festival


Cheltenham International Film Festival invites you to partner with us to promote our programme of new films to your audiences. In return, we will pay you a commission of 10% on ticket sales resulting from referrals from your website.

 When the government introduced lockdown measures in March, we took the decision to upload the entire festival onto a streaming platform. The programme underwent some changes, but we are happy to announce that the festival will open on 8th June with Lost Transmissions starring Simon Pegg, and close on the 14th with White Riot. Simon, who is our Honorary Patron, will take part in a live-streamed Q&A after the screening of Lost Transmissions, while White Riot director Rubika Shah will close the Festival with a Q&A on the 14th June.

 We recognise that cinemas throughout the country are struggling without audiences during lockdown and in our small way we may be able to support you by inviting you to promote our festival to your audiences as a ‘virtual screening partner’. In return we will pay you a commission of 10% on all tickets purchased through your referrals. Virtual screening partners will only need to share a link with our Festival programme page. Our back office analytics will track all ticket purchases sold through referrals.

 Tickets go on sale to the public on Monday 1st June. Our programme includes over 30 feature films and documentaries, which have been selected to screen at prestigious films festivals around the world, plus shorts. Almost all the films have not yet been released in the UK and will be unavailable on any other streaming platform during the festival. We have lined up several Q&As after screenings to try to retain some of the spirit of a live festival.

 We hope you will join us.  

Four Highlights from the Cheltenham Online

International Film Festival Programme


Lost TransmissionsSet in the LA music scene, Katherine O’Brien’s debut feature stars Simon Pegg and Juno Temple. Lost Transmissions launches the Festival on 8 June, and will be followed by a live streamed Q+A with Simon Pegg hosted by Eye For Film’s Jennie Kermode.

 AntigoneAn electrifying new Canadian film from Sophie Deraspe, in which a talented young Algerian emigrée denies herself a glittering future to save her fallen brother. Canada’s entry for 92nd Oscars and voted best Canadian film at TIFF; it is a vibrant film seething with palpable outrage.

 ParadiseAlfio is given a new identity and sanctuary in a village in the Italian Alps after witnessing a Mafia hit. Funnily enough, the very hitman he’s fleeing turns up, having informed on his mob mates. A wry comedy of manners from director Davide Del Degan, part of our Italian Focus.

 White Riot - Exhilarating documentary about the emergence of Rock Against Racism in 1976. Rubika Shah’s debut culminates in 1978 Victoria Park Carnival featuring The Clash, whose rock star charisma and conviction took RAR's message to the masses. Followed by a Q+A with Shah to close the Festival.

Happy viewing!

17th April 2020

Shipham Community Cinema Lending Library

One of the perks of being a member of the village community cinema is that you are able to borrow the discs from our extensive library of films, many of which we have screened but a fair few are for movies that just missed selection or are discs that have been donated to us. A number of movies suitable for the younger generation are available.

As we are not able to screen anything at the Village Hall I have brought home our library of around 180 discs and will restart our lending facility. This means that our members will be able to continue to borrow these discs at this time when we are all probably watching more TV than usual.

You can check which discs are available by visiting the Film Library. The title, format, certificate and availability of the discs is shown. On a technical level please note that

  •  A 4K Blu Ray player will play all of the discs
  •  A standard Blu Ray player will play all discs except the 4K disc but, where there is a 4K disc mentioned, the standard Blu Ray disc is also in the case and you will be able to use that one
  •  If you only have a DVD player then you will only be able to watch DVD discs.

    If you wish to borrow a disc then contact me either through Facebook or email to the cinema mailbox and I will get back to you asap. This is how the ‘contactless’ lending process will work
  1. The disc and case will be thoroughly disinfected and then left in my unlocked porch at 17 Fair Hill in an envelope with your name on ready for collection. I may be able to arrange delivery if you are nearby. I will email or message you to confirm it’s ready.
  2. The website will be updated to show that the disc is out
  3. Return the disc promptly, within a couple of days please, by leaving it in my porch (please don’t forget to put the disc back in the case – we do occasionally get empty cases returned to us) so the cycle can begin again

A number of our discs are missing (there is no entry in the Availability column) so please check your disc collection to see if any have accidentally remained with you. A few discs were borrowed recently and have not yet been returned so please follow the returns procedure above if you have any unreturned discs.

In addition, if you have any discs that you wish to donate or lend to us so that others can enjoy them, please let me know. I will add these to the list on the website.

If you are not currently a member of Shipham Community Cinema but would like to avail yourself of the lending facility during the lockdown period then you may wish to make a modest voluntary contribution in our honesty box, all proceeds to Cheddar Food Bank, but this is not compulsory.

Pete Ovenden
17 Fair Hill

15th December 2019

A big thank you to our generous audience on Friday. We were able to raise just over £100 for the Cheddar Food Bank, which has been gratefully received by them.

The donation will go a long way to helping the food bank to restock after the devastating break-in they experienced last week.

15th September 2019
Read our most recent newsletter here.

1st September 2019
Our new programme of films is now available for 2019-2020! The first film to be shown this season will be the brilliant Stan & Ollie on 13th September. We hope to see many members and new faces

14th October 2019
A lot happened in 1969, most memorably the first moon landing and Concorde’s maiden flight.  On Friday August 15th 1969 another event started that was to achieve world fame only after it had almost finished.  The band Sweetwater were held up in a 10 mile traffic jam on their way to Bethel,  Sullivan County in New York State, and a relatively unknown New Yorker named Richie Havens stepped in to fill the gap.  His performance kicked off the 3 day Woodstock Music & Arts Fair.  It also propelled Richie from being well known in Greenwich Village to being well known across most of the planet.  After playing an impromptu set that is said to have lasted 3 hours Sweetwater finally arrived to play the second set.  You are left to wonder what impact that traffic jam had on their career.

To mark the 50th anniversary there will be a free screening of the Woodstock Director’s Cut film at Shipham Village Hall this Saturday 17th August, exactly 50 years since Jimi Hendrix played the final set. The whole movie lasts nearly 4 hours but you are invited to call in and watch as much or as little of the movie as you wish.

Some refreshments will be available but please feel free to bring your own along.  In keeping with the original event, we expect it to rain for most of the weekend.

Doors open at 6.45pm, the movie starts at 7pm.

Here is the running order:

10th December 2018

Saturday 8th December brought the biggest audience of the year to watch our screening of the Aardman Animations feature ‘Early Man’.

The film was introduced by Tom Barnes from Aardman and he brought a number of models with him allowing the audience members to have their pictures taken alongside the models.

As usual, our thanks go to Tom for his hard work and, of course, to Aardman for yet another brilliant movie.

1st September 2018

Read our most recent newsletter here.

19th April 2018

Special Show:  A Plastic Ocean

We are supporting the local environment group by hosting a showing of the film 'A Plastic Ocean' on Thursday 19th April.

Entry is free and this is a film you must see.  Refreshments available and there will be a raffle to raise funds to cover the cost of showing this film.

Please come along and join us. Doors open 7.15pm, show starts at 7.45pm.

22nd April 2016

Film tribute: Remembrance Sunday - Battle of the Somme at the Curzon

A fitting film tribute marking the 100th anniversary of The Battle of The Somme will take place at the Curzon, Clevedon on Remembrance Sunday, 13 November at 2pm.

This was the first British offensive to which cameramen were given access, recording front line action as it took place. The resulting film, The Battle of the Somme, was released throughout the UK in August 1916, while the battle was still being fought.

The head of the War Propaganda Bureau at that time argued that cinema could encourage countries to join the war on Britain’s side.

The Curzon will screen the extraordinary footage of the ‘Big Push’, the joint offensive which began in July 1916 where British and French armies hoped to break through the German lines and achieve victory on the Western Front. It shows scenes of the build-up to the infantry offensive including the massive preliminary bombardment, coverage of the first day of the battle (the bloodiest single day in Britain’s military history) with depictions of small gains and massive costs of the attack.

On a local level it had significant appeal because it featured and named particular regiments on screen. The close-ups and panning shots employed by camera men, Malins and McDowell, meant the audience could pick out people they knew.

The public flocked to see the realities of trench warfare, with 20 million viewers, almost half the population, in the first 6 weeks. Audiences were greatly impressed by the film's realism but also shocked by the candid and unprecedented images of British wounded and dead.

To a contemporary audience the film continues to have a huge emotional impact. It remains one of the most watched in British cinema history, bigger than Star Wars and Bond films.

The screening will be accompanied, live, by internationally acclaimed pianist Stephen Horne, long considered one of the leading silent film accompanists.

He will be joined by composer and percussionist Martin Pyne.                                                                       

For tickets visit www. or ring 01275  871000

22nd April 2016

Batman Versus Superman At The Helicopter Museum

Batman and Superman will be squaring off at The Helicopter Museum this May when the Aviation Museum hosts its Annual Charity Fund-raising Film and Comic Convention. As well as getting the opportunity to meet 'The Caped Crusader' and 'The Man Of Steel', visitors will be able to view Batman's iconic 'Tumbler' Batmobile and Iron Man's Suit Pods which will be on display in the aviation attraction’s main display hangar.

31st March 2016

The films selected for the Cinema for All South West Spring Viewings in April have been confirmed.  As in previous years, the event will be in two parts with the first on Sunday 17th April hosted by Lost in Film in Lostwithiel, followed a week later on Sunday 24th April by the second part at Shipham Village Hall

One difference this year, is that whilst four of the titles will be screened at both Viewings, two different titles, specially selected, make up the line-up of six new releases at each venue.  Details of the Lostwithiel event can be found on the Lost in Film website  The SW Group website is being revamped at the moment so thanks to the Shipham for giving us this page!  Both events are open to all Cinema for All SW members.


Headlining the Shipham line-up is the Oscar®-winning Room, Lenny Abrahamson’s gripping drama; Brie Larson won ‘Best Actress’ for her heart-breaking portrayal of the mother imprisoned with her son.  Over-looked by the Oscar® nominations, in favour of the flashier The Big Short, was the gripping 99 Homes set against the background of the 2008 housing crisis in Florida with strong performances from Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon.


We always try and include one documentary in the previews and have chosen The Pearl Button, Patricio Guzman’s haunting follow-up to Nostalgia for the Light shown at our Autumn Viewing at Thornbury a few years ago.  The other three titles have all been causing a stir at Festivals across the globe.  Winner of Un Certain Regard at last year’s Cannes Festival,  Rams has some hints of Nordic noir but its story of two sheep-farming brothers has been best described as a ‘moving comedy’.   The Crow’s Egg (Kaaka Muttai), has won awards from its native India to Los Angeles and gives the lie to the myth that award-winning sub-titled films are generally dull and worthy with its feel-good energy and its two boy stars.  Finally, the Mexican film Güeros won Best First Feature at the Berlin Festival:: described as a coming of age comedy, it pays homage to the French new wave and was filmed in black-and-white and in 4:3 ratio.

The six titles will be screened in two rooms within the well-appointed Shipham Village Hall with Shipham, our hosts Shipham Community Cinema and SW Group’s Paul Schilling joining forces in the presentation department.  For a better idea of the films to be screened, click on these links to the trailers;


«  ROOM -


 « 99 HOMES


 « RAMS -



The day is not just about the films but also provides a chance to meet other community cinema organisers in your area, not to mention the catering.... Shipham Community Cinema are well-known for their cakes and are also organising lunch – it is important that you fill in the form with the numbers of your party requiring the various main course options: vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian. 

Tickets are £16 each (CforA Members and Associates) or £20 (Affiliate Members).
Full-time students £14.00. Ticket includes Coffee, Lunch & Tea and Reviews Brochure.

by cheque or on-line, direct to the BFFS South West bank account. Note the account is now with HSBC: Sort Code: 40 09 19, Account No: 82664402.

Download and fill out the application form here!

29th March 2016

Shipham Community Cinema Spring Bonus!

This Friday, April 1st, the Shipham Community Cinema has a unique, live-music event planned for your entertainment. Talented singer, Michael Sadiq will be performing a selection of hits from the movies at Shipham Village Hall from 7.15pm, ahead of our screening of the ground-breaking National Theatre production of London Road (cert 15), a musical drama starring Olivia Coleman, Tom Hardy and Anita Dobson.   Entrance is £2 for members and under 18s, and £4 for non-members. 

20th December 2015
We currently have a long list of movie posters which are in need of a good home (free of charge other than postage, if required!) Please take a look and if you are interested in any of the posters, email us at

15th December 2015

We showed our family Christmas film on the 13th December and it was attended by our biggest ever Sunday audience! We were very lucky to welcome Tom Barnes from Aardman Animation who gave a brilliant presentation and he bought along actual models from the film to show us:

Kids and grown-ups were spellbound for the entire film!

19th August 2015

Newsletter - Summer 2015
Shipham Community Cinema is now entering its seventh season of film shows. From humble beginnings back in January 2009 when we showed Mike Leigh’s ‘Happy Go Lucky’ film on borrowed equipment we have now shown a total of 119 main feature films, a large number of short films and paid more than £8,000 in licence fees that have gone back into directly supporting the film industry.

We have been visited by directing legend Ken Loach, had personalized messages from director Roger Michell as well as presentations from Tom Barnes of Aardman Animation. We also ran a fascinating film festival weekend with a variety of workshops and film shows.

Much has changed over those seven years.... (click here to read the full newsletter!)

18th August 2015
Programmes for the 2015-16 season have now been printed and will be posted shortly, along with a copy of our latest newsletter.

15th August 2015
Our 2015-16 season kicks off on 11th September with the brilliant film The Imitation Game. Check out our programme page to see all of the films that have been announced so far for the new season.

20th July 2015
The Watershed in Bristol has been supplying us with publicity materials for some years now, saving us considerable sums on the cost of posters.  The Committee decided to respond to a funding appeal from The Watershed by making a donation of £50 and today we have received a reply thanking us for our support.

28th June 2015
The programme for the new season is being prepared and will be delivered soon! Also, the website will be updated shortly with all of the upcoming films you can look forward to from September.

4th March 2015
This year's Film Feast on 27th February was a great success! The committee did a fantastic job decorating the hall for the evening:

The food, provided by Sally Hansford was superb and the movie The Lunchbox was brilliantly entertaining. In total, over 90 people enjoyed the Indian-themed evening. We look forward to seeing you all at next year's Film Feast!

28th January 2015
Tickets are available for this year's Film Feast, make sure to book your tickets by calling Jane Sanders on 01934 842940!

10th October 2014
Don't miss the Bath Film Festival, which runs from 13th - 23rd November 2014!

12th September  2014
The 2014/2015 season kicks off tonight with Nebraska! For the first time at Shipham Community Cinema we will be selling some popcorn too. See you there!